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Pollard’s charity of the year, Devon Young Carers, were recently presented with a cheque by the company of £4,400 for money raised at the staff Christmas function via a raffle and auction.

As a regional contractor Pollard select a local charity to work with each year as a way of contributing to the region in which we work. This year’s charity, Devon Young Carers – – is dedicated to working with young people who provide care and support to other family members, in particular a parent or sibling. By doing so they are placed in a position of great responsibility at a young age, having to deal with situations which many adults would find a challenge.

Bill Badham, Managing Director of Pollard, said at the presentation:

“We are delighted to present you with this cheque, a record amount raised by our staff at our company Christmas function. When we found out what these young carers take on, often not believing they are doing anything special, we were truly humbled so we are thrilled to support yet another fantastic local charity.

“The financial support the charity receives through ‘official’ channels is extremely small which is why donations such as ours are so important. Without them the support given by the team here to these remarkable youngsters would simply stop.”

Martine Osmond, Strategic Lead Practitioner, in reply said:

“We are delighted to receive such a large amount which will make a significant contribution to our efforts to support our young carers. The money in particular will enable us to take a group to a weekend festival in June, which will give them a fantastic break and the opportunity to socialise with other young people which is not always possible given their home circumstances.

Pictured are: Niki Stigwood and Bill Badham of Pollard; Martine Osmond of Devon Young Carers and Christine Selwood of Pollard.

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